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Dylan's Page
Giraffe Vision

I had the impulse to buy a night vision device, but was disappointed how clunky they are and how narrow the field of view is. A head-mounted display with twin cameras with IR sensitivity seemed like it would be superior for some uses, and didn't seem to be out there yet. A friend at the San Diego Zoo wanted to do a related idea where your eyes could be remapped to simulate how different animals see - changing color sensitivity, field of view, eye placement, etc. Playing with the prototype was part tinkering, part neurological experiment. Some eye arrangements worked seamlessly, some were dazzling, lots were nauseating. Giraffe mode proved most compelling, and brings delight to every 5 year old.

California Backcountry Road Map

Most digital maps are incredibly painful to use in backcountry areas where there are few roads. Because all roads in these areas are small, they only render when zoomed in. But you can't see where any road actually goes zoomed in without panning for many screens and trying to remember which road is what. If you zoom out, all of the roads just disappear. No longer! This map shows every single road at every zoom level. With some more work I'll get it in a format that can be stored on devices for backcountry travel. It also shows the inadvertent beauty of the road network.

Rex 2

Unmanned remote control underwater vehicle, my thesis from grad school.

Toyota Pickup front suspension

Coil-over conversion for the front axle. Involved CAD design, purchasing of hardware, cutting & welding frame rails and axle, machining components, and testing and assembly.

Honda CRX / Acura Integra Hybridization

Disassembly of both cars, then merging the best of both. Engine rebuild, adapting power steering, rear axle, and transmission.


I have a resume, and somewhat reluctantly, a LinkedIn profile.

I've had a lot.
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